When The Current Decor Trend Going Out Of Style

Dated: January 11 2022

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How do you know when a decor trend is on the way out?  Here's a few tips!

1.  When you see it all over television.  Think Real Estate shows.  If it's in every house that the buyers fall in love with, or every makeover show, it can get old fast.

2.   The popular clothing/ jewelry etc. start to absorb the same style.

3.  You find it in EVERY store.

4.  It's in all the internet ads and catalogs.

5.  You're getting so tired of seeing it everywhere and notice the price is dropping.

Sliding doors used to be something of a great idea.  What about that unusable space for the stationary door?  Now that's something to think about...practical versus popular.  Do you remember the old wallpaper with the velvet overlay?  Okay, well maybe I'm older, but what a bear to clean!

These telltale signs may urge you to think of how far you actually want to take that current fad and maybe stick with the good old classics that won't steer you wrong!

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