Four Great Home Features That Buyers Are Craving

Dated: November 30 2021

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(1)  HOME OFFICE:  Thanks to today's technology, more workers stayed home to do their jobs last year.  Over 70% of the workforce say they want to continue working from their homes according to Global Workplace Analytics president, Kate Lister said at  Having a workplace in the home is a much desired feature in a home for buyers that are still working a t home.....          

(2)  POOLS:  Searches for "POOLS" in real estate for sale homes was the third most feature in the summer of 2020 resulting in many pool installers reporting that their installs are over a year out according to Google.

(3)  SPACE TO GROW:  Grocery stores were running out of basics such as water and eggs in the early days of the pandemic.  This resulted in a 63% increase of online sales of home goods and garden products.  Buying backyard chickens interest is showing no sign of waning.  Nancy Smith , the owner of Cackle Hatchery in Lebanon Mo. reported to NPR's Bill Chappell that they are swamped with orders with people wanting to grow a garden and  raise some chickens.  Highlight your backyard space that will appeal to buyers with this new interest.           

(4)  HOME GYM:  According to Jerrell Guy of San Antonio Fitness Equipment, "Fitness equipment is the new toilet paper.  People across the country are now hoarding home fitness gear, bicycles, kettlebells and weights said Poppy Noor at  Exercise equipment sales alone rose by 170%  in 2020.  Even though gyms reopened, not everyone plans to return opting out to continue working out at home.  Buyers are reluctant to work out next to someone alongside slinging sweat.         

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