Why The LBI Real Estate Market Wont Crash

Dated: 03/25/2020

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Why the LBI Real Estate Market Won’t Crash

Long Beach Island Real Estate

It is hard today to stay calm in the face of updates, 10% swings in the stock market and talk of a national or global recession. The Great Recession of 2008-2009 or so is still relatively fresh in everyone’s minds and it is easy to understand why people are afraid. In these tumultuous times it is important to stay calm and look at the data. There are some significant differences between this time and 2008 that should help keep the national and local LBI real estate market stable.

  • Real estate in general is far more stable than it was leading up to 2008. Back then, mortgages were easy to obtain whereas today, lending is far more strict.

  • Inventory levels are very low

  • Equity levels are very high

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