Beach Haven Real Estate And The Historic Zone

Dated: 01/05/2019

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Beach Haven Real Estate and the Historic Zone

Beach Haven, one of the several towns on Long Beach Island, is unique in that it has a historic zone. The Beach Haven Historic District is designed to maintain the preserve the traditional and historic look of a section in Beach Haven. In 2004 Beach Haven passed a law that created the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission with the intention to maintain the historical and architectural distinctive homes that are found in Beach Haven. It is important to note that not all of Beach Haven is subject to the Beach Haven Historic District’s guidelines. Mainly the oceanside areas from 5th Street to Chatsworth Ave fall into this jurisdiction. Before buying a home in the Beach Haven real estate market it is important to know if your prospective home falls in the historic district and if so, what impact it will have on your future plans the the long term appreciation.

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